Winter Beauty

Happy snow day, East Coasters!

This beautiful white weather has brought a day of cancelled classes, fuzzy socks and blankets, and for my house “winter cleaning.”

(I honestly do not think my mom has ever been THIS excited to clean the house. last night she was practically beaming just talking about it…so odd)

But in between the cleaning and making copious amounts of coffee, I decided to do a mini shoot in my backyard, all focused on my favorite beauty products for the winter!

My house is heated by radiators, so my skin is very dry in the winter and I’m trying my best to keep my face, body and hair hydrated this season, along with a couple of other products I’ve been loving lately.

[slideshow_deploy id=’125′]

But seriously, go check these products out! I think the most expensive product was the GlamGlow DreamDuo at $59…not bad!

┬áP.S. Valentine’s Day is coming up, forward the links to your bubba/hubby/SO/partner/mom/dad/sister/brother/bff…you get it.

As always, thanks for reading!

XOXO, Tessa

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