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Gratitude Check: Responsibility

Hello, loves!

In an effort to catch you up on the past year of my life without boring you to death, I’ve decided to quickly explain 2018 while simultaneously expressing gratitude – in the name of Thanksgiving. Ready? Let’s dive in. 



In January of 2018, as many of you know, I met the absolute LOML (love of my life) – Nora Tino Cohen. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be capable of feeling the type of love that I feel for this little girl. Her presence on this earth has not only impacted me, but also my family as a whole. I feel that Nora has brought us closer together – especially my sisters and I – as we can all bond over our love and adoration for her.












Having Nora in my life has given me a new outlook on responsibility. I feel responsible to be the best tante in the whole entire world for her, which means to show her what kindness looks like. What humility and gentleness look like. I need to show her that this world offers opportunities and experiences far beyond what she might think she can do. I will help my sister and brother teach Nora that she can do anything, and be anyone that she wants to be. I will give this child the whole world, if I can…which I 100% plan on doing.

Side note – currently close to sobbing. I really cannot emphasize to you what this child means to me. Thank you Claire and Mike for bringing her into this world, and for allowing me to be a part of her life. I will forever be thankful.

Apartment Living

During the Spring semester of 2018 I lived in an on-campus apartment complex with three other girls. Long story short – I was miserable. My friend Maura and I did not feel welcome with our other two roommates and it created a hostile environment for both of us. But, by the grace of God, we were unfairly removed from The Village and left without housing for the Fall 2018 semester, until a week before it was about to begin.

Maura and I had been frantically searching for an apartment near campus all summer and had come to the conclusion that we would have to just commute to Montclair from home (which, for both of us, was the outskirts of Philly) until we could find a place to live.


I was contacted by a girl named Alexis who had a five bedroom apartment in mind, but needed four other girls…within five days we found two other girls, visited the house, signed the lease and began to move in. Two days later, my senior year began.

The thought of living in an apartment with five other girls scared the crap out of me at first but now, I wouldn’t want it any other way. These girls are my FAMILY. And my apartment is GORGEOUS and only 15 minutes away from campus and an 8 minute walk from the train station. Like…WHAT?! I feel so so lucky to live here with these girls and it is truly is starting to feel like home for me.

But with this new apartment comes responsibility. Using total transparency here, my parents are helping me pay my rent as we are splitting it three ways (which I am RIDICULOUSLY GRATEFUL FOR). As much as this rent drains me (and my bank account) I am grateful for the responsibility because it helps me keep my finances in check. Since I now have rent + utilities + my car payment every month, I kind of get a kick in the butt every few weeks because I can’t just spend my money how I want anymore. I have to be careful about coffees I’m buying or even which grocery store I go to. This new financial responsibility shows me that I can’t really afford the ~BoUgiE~ lifestyle that I want so badly.

This apartment has also given me the responsibility of being a solid roommate. This can include cleaning up after myself, respecting my roommates’ space and property (food + stuff) and just being kind. Five girls can be a lot. but honestly, I think we do pretty well. And I am so so so grateful for them.

2018 has shown me how important responsibility is, especially in this strange stage of my life – AKA my early twenties – and I am incredibily grateful for it.

I’m also grateful for the extreme heartbreak that 2018 has brought to my life…

until next time,





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